how to use hello_world.bin?standalone or freertos

  • So far, I can flash face_demo kfpkg into kd233 board, and run the demo greacefully.
    when flashed hello_world.bin (both standalone & freertos), I couldn't see any thing on the console using Realterm.

    So, what is the difference?

  • After messing around for awhile....

    1. When I used openOCD with GDB, for some reason, it locks up UART0 and so there is no way I can hook up a terminal and debug. But the code execution looks ok.

    2. My Sipeed Dan Dock arrived and I tried the same binary on that board and it works well, baudrate of 115200.

    3. I noticed something, whenever power up both K-flash and Term cannot see the USB controller until some time later (about 10 seconds). So I am guessing there is some issue on the board that prevents me from seeing the print out during that 10 seconds delay.

    The reset/boot circuitary on the eval board from Kendryte is a little different from the Sipeed Dan Dock. Will try to figure out. I am just curious if anyone managed to get it to work on their board.

  • @manageryzy I don't have one on hand. I don't mind purchasing, can you point me to a link to a suitable one?

    Also, can you provide a hello_world.bin file? This way I know if it is due to my toolchain issue.

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    @mk0 do you have jtag debugger?

  • Hi there,

    I am also facing the same problem. Downloading the face detect demo and it works well.

    I tried to build the Hellow World from scratch and there is nothing on the terminal.

    OS : Ubuntu16.04
    SDK : kendryte-standalone-sdk-0.5.2
    Toolchain : kendryte-toolchain-ubuntu-amd64-8.2.0
    Board : K210_test_v0.2

    I used Windows 10 to download the flash using flash.exe

    I used Teraterm and I tried many frequencies and non will work.

    After power-up the board, I connect teraterm, I then press the "RESET" button and did not see any UART print.


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    What baudrate is set on your PC, 115200 is correct in hello world example