Kendryte IDE On Windows请问在windows环境开发入门

  • 以前用51或者ARM等在keil MDK5环境使用入门资料很多上手非常快, Kendryte资料直接有中文的非常好。就是开发入门不知道,希望有详细的(针对我这种小白级的以前用普通单片机的裸跑的)IDE配置教程,那样才好动手,谢谢

  • @latyas Thank you very much for your answer. I don't know how to configure vscode for developing K210. Do you have any information, thank you.

  • Staff

    You can use a general text editor to code such as vscode, clion, or ecplise, then just use cmake and k210's toolchain to make your project.