My problem about include my private head files

  • I already include the path of my libraries as follow

    I also include the head file of lcd and camera in my main.c file

    But the IDE said the lcd_init() function was undefined as follow when i want to compile whole project.(the lcd_init()function is defined in the lcd.c file)

    I also have checked my CMakeList.txt file as show as below. Obviously, the path of two head files has been include.

    I am very confusing now and can you help me?

  • @MangoGeek
    Wow! The compiler is working without any errors ! Thank you so much!

    1. Check CMakeLists.txt line:221
    ## add source from config json (5 files matched)

    If the project is correct, your source path should be in this part.
    if there is not, see 2

    1. Check kendryte-package.json, your source path should in :
        "source": [