How K210 is so fast?

  • Hello,
    the specs about the K210 mention a computing power of 0.25Tinstructions/s. But how the chip realizes this tremendous power? Meaning what is the architecture of the arithmetic unit and how many parallel processors are working.
    OK, if this would be secret, keep it.
    Would be nice to hear some info's.

    Many thanks and best regards

  • Hi Loboris,
    Many thanks for your info. These are very interesting numbers and I understand the KPU better now. Unfortunately, I did not found these in any Kendryte docu yet.
    Best regards Walter

  • There is nothing mysterious about the K210 speed.
    K210 has two RISC-V CPUs which operates at 400 MHz (overclocked up to 800MHz) and can execute at best 400 MOPS (400000000 instructions per second).
    Two CPUs can operate in parallel.
    K210 has also 64 KPU units which are 576bit width which gives 0.460 TOPS (32-bit), 0.23 TOPS (64-bit) at 400 MHz.
    You have probably seen the last number somewhere, it is not the CPU speed!

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