Maix Bit : Obtaining cropped images from ov2640 sensor snapshot

  • Hi Everyone !

    I am trying to obtain the RGB565 data from a OV2640 sensor connected to the Maix Bit.
    I am successfully able to obtain cropped images of the full 2MP sensor data by modifying the HSIZE, VSIZE, XOFFL, YOFFL, VHYX and TEST registers.

    By defining a window of interest I am able to pull the images.
    But, I seem to getting the cropped images from different frames !

    I would like to get cropped images from a single snapshot and not frames.
    I have modified the dvp2sdcard example in the standalone-sdk-demos repository.

    Can anyone guide how I can achieve this ?


  • I would like to add that the dvp2sdcard example uses interrupts in a loop to trigger transfer of data from the OV2640 sensor into the DVP on the chip. This triggering also causes the OV2640 to take another snapshot.

    I would like to avoid this since I want cropped portions of the same frame.
    Being able to initiate subsequent transfers via the DVP without losing contents seems to be the key.