Documentation on sleep and deep sleep modes

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    Can anyone point me to sleep and deep sleep modes on the K210 ?


  • Do you know what the minimum cpu frequency is?

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  • @pixelhaze said in Documentation on sleep and deep sleep modes:

    I hope you can also elaborate on the powering circuit.

    I cannot publish the schematic as the board is a custom design for the commercial product.

    Basic power consideration should be (6V or 12V SLA battery is used in my case, 2 cell LiPo battery can be used):

    • ESP32 must be powered all the time
    • ESP32 is powered from the low quiescent current (~2uA) LDO (3.3V) during deep sleep
    • ESP32 & K210 are powered by low quiescent current switching (step-down) regulator which provides 4.2V (this is also used to power the GSM module in my case).
    • This regulator is turned off during deep sleep by ESP32 and consumes ~2uA
    • ESP32 and K210 each have separate low quiescent current LDO or switching regulator (4.2V -> 3.3V). If Sipeed M1/M1W module is used, it has the regulator integrated on the module.
    • ESP32 is powered by two separate regulators, one for deep sleep mode and one for normal operating mode. Switching between regulators can be implemented by schottky diodes or by special IC.

    In my design I was able to achieve <10uA power consumption from main battery in deep sleep mode.
    Power consumption in normal running mode is practically the same as when using single regulator to power the whole circuit.

  • @loboris, Thank you for your answer !

    Coincidentally, I too am trying to combine an ESP32 with a K210 for a low power build !!!

    I hope you can also elaborate on the powering circuit.
    I would like to know what needs to be taken into consideration.
    Is there any existing design which I can refer to ?


  • As far as I know K210 has no (deep)sleep mode. You can only reduce the operating frequency to make the power consumption lower.
    I'm using K210 in some low power applications, but with external power management.
    For example, in one scenario, I'm using K210 as main processor combined with ESP32-PICO-D4 for WiFi access, but also as power management processor.
    That way I can achieve power consumption of <10uA in deepsleep mode, being able to wake ap after time interval or by the external signal.
    It requires quite sophisticated powering circuit, but it works great.

    Example board with low power consumption: