WOW! Failed at start with fresh install

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    Install from scratch onto Windows 10 using bat file.
    Result is a fail to start message on install dialog.
    Shut down and restart bat file.
    IDE starts, fail reported anyway, and html error dialog displays.
    From Kendryte tools shutdown IDE and run updater.
    IDE opens with same error.
    Open hello-world project in LocalPackage.
    From Kendryte Install dependencies.
    Shut down IDE.
    Open IDE and voila! Error not longer reported.
    So, error on initial load is somehow sensitive to something that has to be done subsequently.
    It probably doesn't need to be so sensitive on first install.
    Updater certainly needs to be smarter

  • @Asterion download the beta version of IDE may helpful.or you can try alpha version.whatever there are only two choice👦