WOW! Openocd as LDD!

  • Trying to run openocd from Kendryte IDE in debian 9 results in:

    [ INFO] start openocd server.
    [ INFO] config file write to: /home/asterion/KendryteIDE/LocalPackage/hello-world-project/src/.vscode/openocd.cfg
    [ INFO] finding port.
    [ INFO] port=35957
    [ INFO]  + /home/asterion/KendryteIDE/LocalPackage/openocd/openocd -f /home/asterion/KendryteIDE/LocalPackage/hello-world-project/src/.vscode/openocd.cfg
    [ INFO] OpenOCD process started. waiting for output...
    [ OCD] /home/asterion/KendryteIDE/LocalPackage/openocd/openocd: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    [  ERR] OpenOCD process exit with 127
    [  ERR] OpenOCD Command OpenOCD process died: 127

    Why was't installed by updater or IDE? What is going wrong with the installer?

  • @Asterion AND it appears you need

    Again, FULL installation instructions and FULL running examples needed. This poor documentation and examples could kill off Kendryte. Spend some time on getting the development environment in a fit state strangers can use. I know it is fun you have a small group who "now" things but that doesn't pay the bills.

  • @Asterion Ah, @GongT meant libftdi1 (perhaps). Again, would help with full instructions to get IDE working.

  • Anyone know how to install libftdi? It isn't what @GongT suggested.

  • @GongT But you can provide a full instruction on how to install the IDE and all its dependencies. Where is that please? I assume libftdi is not the only thing you have left out. What other dependencies are there for full operation?

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    We can't bundle a system library on linux, you must install it by yourself. (eg. apt install libftdi)