ALL IN ONE SDK install script for linux or bash on windows

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    ok, I found how to edit post...

    just run wget && chmod +x && bash

    it will download SDK,toolchains,openocd,demos and generate a EVN file like this:

    export PATH=/mnt/d/work/k210_install/kendryte/kendryte-openocd/bin:/mnt/d/work/k210_install/kendryte/kendryte-toolchain/bin:$PATH
    alias k210gdb='riscv64-unknown-elf-gdb --eval-command="target remote localhost:3333"'
    alias k210openocd='cmd.exe /C "D:\work\k210_install\kendryte\kendryte-openocd-0.1.3\bin\openocd.exe -f D:\work\k210_install\kendryte\kendryte-openocd-0.1.3\tcl\openocd.cfg "'
    alias k210openocd-m0='cmd.exe /C "D:\work\k210_install\kendryte\kendryte-openocd-0.1.3\bin\openocd.exe -f D:\work\k210_install\kendryte\kendryte-openocd-0.1.3\tcl\openocd.cfg -m0 "'
    alias k210openocd-m1='cmd.exe /C "D:\work\k210_install\kendryte\kendryte-openocd-0.1.3\bin\openocd.exe -f D:\work\k210_install\kendryte\kendryte-openocd-0.1.3\tcl\openocd.cfg -m1 "'
    alias k210freertos-cmake='cmake -DSDK_ROOT=$FREERTOS_SDK_DIR -DTOOLCHAIN=$K210_TOOLCHAIN'
    alias k210standalone-cmake='cmake -DSDK_ROOT=$STANDALONE_SDK_DIR -DTOOLCHAIN=$K210_TOOLCHAIN'
    alias k210cmake='cp /mnt/d/work/k210_install/kendryte/CMakeLists_DEMO.txt CMakeLists.txt'
    export FREERTOS_SDK_DIR=/mnt/d/work/k210_install/kendryte/kendryte-freertos-sdk
    export STANDALONE_SDK_DIR=/mnt/d/work/k210_install/kendryte/kendryte-standalone-sdk
    export K210_TOOLCHAIN=/mnt/d/work/k210_install/kendryte/kendryte-toolchain/bin
    echo 'k210 env setup'

    and this script can test sdk demo if you want

    welcome star watch and pr on github

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    @kprasadvnsi forum editor mess up my code, and I don't know how to fix it

  • @manageryzy what do you mean by "script was destroyed by the editor" ?

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    I found the script was destroyed by the editor

    i upload to amazon

    you can run it by wget -O && chmod +x && bash

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