How the Kendryte Model Compiler work for our own models

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    Can anyone help me with the compiling step? I followed the kendryte-model-compiler example but it always shows:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "", line 145, in <module>
    File "", line 118, in main
    k210_layers = model_loader_module.load_model(dataset_val, rfb, args)
    File "E:\Python_Coding\kendryte-model-compiler-master\model_loader\", line 65, in load_model
    File "E:\Python_Coding\kendryte-model-compiler-master\model_loader\pb\", line 240, in convert
    while self.convert_step():
    File "E:\Python_Coding\kendryte-model-compiler-master\model_loader\pb\", line 235, in convert_step
    raise ValueError('no converter for', self.output_tensor.op.type, 'name:',
    ValueError: ('no converter for', 'Softmax', 'name:', 'softmax')

    But there is actually 'softmax' as one of the activations in ''. I am really confused. Can anyone give some advice? Thanks a lot.

  • @hukai i want to do mnist lenet. I got kmodel file from nncase. Next, how can I generate c code?

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply. I tried several models but it worked sometimes while sometimes not. I cannot figure out why. Do you have any more examples for those so that maybe I can understand the nncase better.

    Thank you.

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    Please use nncase to instead of kmodel.