Unable to flash demo

  • When trying to flash the face detection demo, got "unable to enter isp mode" error. Bought the board about 3 weeks ago. First time try to run it.

    ![alt text](0_1555217485124_k210_unable_to_enter_isp.PNG image url)

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    After you finished download program, please check the follow items:
    Please keep the j76 and j80 in open circuit mode.
    Please make sure j94(3.3V), j95(1.8V) and j93(3.3V).

  • After looking around, found that I should ground IO16 to enter ISP mode. I am able to do that, and flash "Kendryte K210 Face Detection Demo", V 0.1.0 into the dev board. But after flashing, looks like the board is toasted. Originally the LCD can display "welcome to maixpy" message, now that is nothing showing up, totally black screen.