FreeRTOS SDK vs Standalone SDK with embedded FreeRTOS Support

  • Hi - I have some general questions about how Kendryte is implementing FreeRTOS support in both FreeRTOS and Standalone SDK.

    1. Why is FreeRTOS now supported in the Standalone SDK?

    2. Which SDK are you planning to support long-term and should I use the Standalone SDK for FreeRTOS development?

    3. How are changes being tracked between both SDKs for FreeRTOS bug fixes? I've noticed that fixes are being applied to FreeRTOS in the standalone-SDK that are not yet present in the FreeRTOS-SDK. They're not necessarily synchronized.

    Generally it looks like the standalone-SDK is getting more love from Kendryte. And now that it has FreeRTOS, is it the intention of Kendryte to consolidate the two SDKs in the future?

  • Thanks for the reply @hukai. This answers my questions and its good to hear that both will be supported.

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    1. We will remove freertos function from standalone SDK.
    2. Both Standalone and FreeRTOS will be supported in the furture.
    3. We will fix both Standalone and FreeRTOS issues.