how to flash SoC via

  • i got a hello_world.bin, and i noticed that there is a in github.

    so i run this: -d /dev/ttyUSB1 -v hello_world.bin

    which ttyUSB1 is the very device.

    but it stop here:

    ISP_FLASH progam size (compressed) 17963
    ISP_FLASH progam size (decompressed) 34688
    BAUDRATE 115200
    -- RESET to LOW, IO16 to HIGH --
    -- IO16 to LOW, RESET to HIGH --

    i notice that after the command running, two blue LED on the board turn off, and the screen stop to capture camera.

    What's next?

    Thank you!

  • Staff |  Mod

    If you are using KD233 Black board, the auto flash circuit has a bug and need to workaround in kentool, all in one script will be released recently.