xQueueCreate bug in standalone-sdk ??

  • It seem on latest version standalone SDK, after called xQueueCreate, gpio irq failed to trigger anymore?


    xIoTQueue = xQueueCreate((UBaseType_t) 1, sizeof(IoTMessage));
    fpioa_set_function(PIN_KEY, FUNC_GPIOHS2);
    gpiohs_set_drive_mode(GPIO_KEY, GPIO_DM_INPUT_PULL_UP);
    gpiohs_set_pin_edge(GPIO_KEY, GPIO_PE_BOTH);
    printf("Register gpio interupt\n");
    gpiohs_irq_register(GPIO_KEY, 1, irq_gpiohs2, &g_count);

    if removed "xQueueCreate" in the code piece, the irq_gpiohs2 can be tiggered when set connect gpio_pin to 'GND'.
    When called "xQueueCreate" which successful return the Queue handle once, the gpio cann't be tiggered anymore.

    Is this behavior expected? or this is a bug?

  • Global Moderator |  Mod

    We will delete freertos from standalone-sdk, you can use freertos-sdk to instead of standalone-sdk.