Is it possible to use an HD Camera with K210?

  • Hi everyone,

    I am new to K210 and have one question about its video interface.

    I checked the datasheet and found that K210 support DVP interface. However, video with VGA size is supported.

    Is it possible to use one HD camera (1920 * 1080, 200 Mega Pixel) with K210? I don't need to do real-time video stream, possibly less than 5 fps.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Thanks for your reply. We will see.

  • Staff |  Mod

    @Yunhui 1080p cannot be supported by DVP in K210 directly, but 1960*960 can. However, that doesn't mean KPU in K210 can support so large a size. KPU in K210 can only support 320*256 max. Also, we haven't evaluate the fps with 1960*960 with K210 DVP.