Datasheet not updated since 4 months

  • Progress on Datasheet documentation is gone cold. Does anybody even writing documentation for K210 ?

    I can understand that Kendryte guys are busy with other things but a good documentation is critical for community to make tools for it, find bugs and develop product based on K210. There should not be any excuse for delaying release of documentation.

    Please release more details on progress of Datasheet.

  • Hopefully, the full Technical Reference Manual will be also available soon.
    Also, we are waiting for SDK manuals in English (hopefully more complete than the current Chinese versions).
    If Kendryte wants more developers to participate in K210 development, the documentation is essential.

  • I hope it, too. On our side software development was stopped completely because we in the hardware department are afraid that we will not get the needed information for the platform within a reasonable timeframe.

  • @kprasadvnsi I have the same question.I hope the kendryte team can pay more attention on the document.