How to create a Hello World project with Kendryte IDE

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    First. Create a emptyr direcotry for your code

    For example: D:\my-projects\hello-world, to prevent some strange issue, we recommend only use alphanumeric, underscore and minus in all part of the path.

    Then, open IDE, drag your new directory into it.


    When finish you will see this:


    On this page:
    ① File manager, ⅰ is create new file, and ⅱ is new folder.
    ② The Kendryte menu.
    ③ Log and output switch, if you run into a bug, please send all outputs to us.
    ④ Button to close the bottom panel.
    ⑤ Links for Kendryte menu, and the error&warnning button can be use to open bottom panel.
    ⑥ The serial port monitor button
    ⑦ Preference menu

    In the default state, there is nothing in file manager. (I created a main.c here, you do not need to do that)

    Now click the ⑤create package to start a project


    It will create some files, you can see them in the file manager. And it will auto open main.c for editing.
    It will also shows an error, don't worry, this is a dependency error. The default project didn't includes any dependencies. We will install them now.

    Finally, click the Kendryte menu, and them Install dependency


    It will download some packages. After install, a message(②) will show up. All downloaded code will store inside the directory marked with ③.
    Now click the error line at ④, IDE will re-configure.

    If it success, the quick launch buttons will appear, each links to an item in the kendryte menu.


    It's time to coding.

    Note: the default project depends on standalone sdk

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    @kylongmu 加这个试试→456088352

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  • 期待啊,要不自己摸瞎撞太难受了。

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    Free RTOS的正在搞。

    JLink在windows上的用法比较。。。难以形容。。。我打算写在github wiki里,过几天应该就有了

  • 有没有更多的说明啊?
    IDE下fpioa config的使用。
    FreeRTOS SDK的使用。