kendryte-freertos-sdk confusion

  • I'm quite confused about the state of the kendryte-freertos-sdk.

    It looks there are two separate SDK repositories, both with freertos support, mantained by two different developers.

    kendryte-standalone-sdk, develop branch (which looks to be default) is in fact the FreeRTOS SDK, same as kendryte-freertos-sdk. They are quite different, with kendryte-freertos-sdk looking to be more complete.
    Which one is the official Kendrite FreeRTOS SDK ?

    It looks there are no work on the kendryte-standalone-sdk master branch (the last commit was on Nov 13, 2018). Is it considered complete/stable/finished ?

    Could someone from Kendryte explain the situation in more detailes 😕
    I've posted the question in the repository issue tracker, but no answer for a week.

  • Staff

    We are so sorry to take too long to reply to your issue, yes, we have received many feedbacks that they are very confused about the SDK's names, it's our fault, and here's the answer: the kendryte-standalone-sdk includes a lightweight freertos implement, and the kendryte-freertos-sdk now is becoming a more complicated OS, if you are familiar to freertos, the kendryte-standalone-sdk may be better, if you are not, maybe the kendryte-freertos-sdk is simpler.

    We are considering changing the name of kendryte-freertos-sdk to something else to prevent more confusions.