K210 FreeRTOS SDK v0.4.0 released

  • Staff |  Mod

    Major changes

    • Add FPIOA configuration
    • Add I2C clock rate setting
    • Support variable cpu frequency

    Breaking changes

    • AES SHA256 FFT API reworks
    • Make drivers private by default

    Non-breaking bug fixes

    • Fix the procedure of setting pll
    • Fix bugs in syscalls
    • Fix incomplete initialization of sbss
    • Fix task critical in interrupt

    We first release the Kendryte FreeRTOS SDK Programming Guide, you can find these release in https://github.com/kendryte/kendryte-freertos-sdk/releases/tag/v0.4.0, also in out website: https://kendryte.com/downloads

    The translation of Kendryte FreeRTOS SDK Programming Guide is on the way, we will release it soon, sorry for the inconvenience.