Use English Language for all discussions.

  • This forum is newly created. and i can understand the comfort for participants to use their native language. But having establish a general rule for language use in this forum would have following benefits.

    • It would appeal to a wider audience as all discussions will be in English.

    • Kendryte do all their technical announcements in English so it make sense to have subsequent discussions in the same language.

    • New participant who join this forum later will have good experience as they don't have to Google Translate the previous Discussion threads.

  • Staff

    Hello, thank you for concerning this issue, as you mentioned that the forum just created, there are many things need to be done.

    As you said, it is necessary to establish the English speaking only rule for convenience to everyone all over the world, we are drafting rules for the discussion, before the formal rules announcement posted, we can't simply forbid the English only rule, but we still make our best effort to let English speakers comfortable, such as:

    • Translate valuable threads such as some Q/A or creative things to English
    • Our official staff replies will be English only.

    In final, thank you again for following K210