@Asterion So, slowly. It seems one needs use "Open Folder" and set that to "hello-world-project" to then get: Starting build... [ INFO] Generate CMakeLists.txt file: [ INFO] reading file: /home/asterion/KendryteIDE/LocalPackage/hello-world-project/kendryte-package.json [ INFO] reading file: /home/asterion/KendryteIDE/LocalPackage/hello-world-project/kendryte_libraries/kendryte-standalone-sdk/kendryte-package.json [ ERR] Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/home/asterion/KendryteIDE/LocalPackage/hello-world-project/kendryte_libraries/kendryte-standalone-sdk/kendryte-package.json' [ERROR] Build failed. So, the following folder is NOT installed by IDE by default: /home/asterion/KendryteIDE/LocalPackage/hello-world-project/kendryte_libraries/kendryte-standalone-sdk Then where does one find: ../kendryte_libraries/kendryte-standalone-sdk Is this really creating "kendryte_libraries" and moving "kendryte-standalone-sdk" under it? Especially noting that kendryte-package.json does not come with IDE or, it seems, with SDK, where does one get kendryte-package.json?. So, again, where is the full installation instructions for this IDE please? Yes! I have the SDK (free standing and RTOS).